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Tonia Rutledge

From start to finish, Jurema assisted me seamlessly with the process of applying for and obtaining my 501c3 status.

Jurema was essential to my successful application for my 501c3 status. She had very clear templates to fill out, gave helpful guidance on how to fill them out, and then submitted everything in a timely manner. I could not have picked a better person to help me! Would highly recommend working with Jurema.

Dyryl Burnett

I have had the privilege of knowing Rema since 2015. She has always been kind, encouraging and supportive. However, the last few years we both have shared our affinity for entrepreneurship and following our passions. She has constantly provided information & resources of people to connect with, how I can further build my brand & business and why I am a problem solver to someone else. With the success of her nonprofit, she is at a new level that I am proud to witness. She has never shy away from helping and seeing YOUR overall picture to determine what your next steps should be. I greatly appreciate her! Do not wait, go to Jurema to take your business to the next level.

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